Film and Media (Tayrona Studios)

Tayrona Studios is a high profile international film finance production, distribution and talent representation group with operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Miami, New York, Malta, Toronto and over 17 additional countries.

The group has provided financing and production services for high quality Hollywood and international films and TV shows for over 30 years. Our slate includes “The Mission” starring Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons, “Cobra Verde” directed by Werner Herzog, “Chronicle of a Foretold Death” directed by Francesco Rossi, “Nostromo” starring Albert Finney and Colin Firth, “Proof of Life” starring Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, “The Dancer Upstairs” directed by John Malkovich, “Reversal of Love” distributed by MGM, “Zorro, The Series” for Sony, and Multiple Award Winning super-production “Quo Vadis”, among others.

Tayrona will release globally over 20 films in the course of over the next 12 months and has more than 15 films currently in Production. In this way, Tayrona is launching a new global production and distribution platform in direct competition with major Hollywood studios but at a full International and Global scale.

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