Privilege Fractional Ownership

The most exclusive hotel development projects worldwide
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An elite real estate investment program with co-ownership participation in luxury international hotels and resorts

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A solid Real Estate Investment for your Future

While a traditional timeshare has limited access to the property with additional fees, our Fractional Ownership Program offers investors a title deed in a valuable asset without having to pay for the entire property, maintenance expenses or taxes, plus the benefits of staying on a property within our portfolio of prestige properties.

Investors can also choose between owning a villa within a resort with guaranteed rental income from tourist bookings, or to own a share of the whole property in which rental income is taken from the hotel’s annual EBITDA.


Creating Lifestyle, Now and for the Future

With years of established partnerships with some of the world’s biggest names in hospitality, Tayrona Capital now has over 100 5+ star hotels & resorts that truly embody the ultimate in luxury experiences and transcendent places.

Explore our wide range of properties in major gateway cities and uniquely exotic locations around the world.

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