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Tayrona’s History: Over 50 Years Committed to Luxury and Success

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, a journey into exotic delights and mystic beauty, turned into an entire lifetime of wealth and a heritage of unending prosperity; such is the dream, the vision, and endeavour of Tayrona. A purpose that drives forward constant innovation, reflection, and growth to bring into the present the greatness of the future.

From its very beginnings, in a picturesque colonial town with a rich history and unique appeal at the heart of the Colombian Andes, Tayrona's commitment towards excellence has granted them favor and prestige, leading them in time to new heights and ventures. Silver screen stars and their following, along with entire crews eager to film both instant classics and action-packed blockbusters flocked to Tayrona's rooms, in exchange for a deal they could not refuse.

The advent of a new century infused Tayrona with a renewed motivation towards greater success and the commitment not only to achieve grander milestones but also to bring richness, as luxury experiences and wealth, to those who had put their trust into them. Several strategic alliances heeded this call, proving once again the long-standing commitment that Tayrona has held true for over 50 years. A true passion, a relentless effort to bring forth the very best of every experience, every venture, every project, and make of a bright present a joyful prosperous future.


Tayrona’s History


Tayrona’s History

Why Invest in Tayrona?

Becoming the owner of a property on a profitable and coveted destination is quite surely anyone's most ambitious dream. Tayrona brings this dream closer than any other company could, taking you just a bold step away from enjoying profitable revenues and the most amazing destinations. Our work is done over the ever-growing tourism and hospitality sectors, which contribute an impressive 10.4% of the global GDP, with an annual average growth of 3.6%.

Our success in the hospitality industry, our role as producers and enablers for the film industry, combined with an outstanding financial track record have helped us to establish strategic alliances with the Central Governments of over 20 countries in the world.

Our experience in the market, our passion to exceed all your expectations, and our commitment to bring forth the true value of your investment are our key standards and the best reasons to choose Tayrona as your trusted partner towards luxury and success.


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CEO Tayrona Capital Financial Group

Our CEO, James Ordonez was honoured with a knighthood in Spain in 2016. He believes in the importance of building luxury developments to strengthen a country’s growth, with value partnerships that contribute to the economy, together with the creation of more jobs and sustainable socio-economic projects.

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