Tayrona Capital
Tayrona Capital

We are Tayrona Capital Financial Group

A multinational and global investment conglomerate with more than 50 years of experience, specialized in hospitality, real estate, travel, entertainment, and financial products. Our main focus is the acquisition, financing, development, management, and operation of luxury hotels and travel destinations worldwide.

We are recognised for

Creating socio-economic projects, to generate massive job creation and promote sustainable growth in the countries where we operate.

Generating high returns on investments.

Being a distinctive group that invest in our own assets and markets rather than in speculative funds.

Redefining the concepts of "luxury" and "lifestyle".

Contributing to the building of unique life experiences.

Offering investment options for various risk profiles.

Expertise, Experience, and Global Opportunity Lead to Advantage

Over $100 billion in active investments, projects, and properties

More than 5,200 investors

Three key industries: Investment, Hospitality and Wealth Strategies

Investment in more than 200 hospitality projects

More than 15 Joint Venture relationships with governments to improve their country's economies

Global workforce with a shared vision

Our global network