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Discovering the beginning of Tayrona Capital Financial Group

Tayrona Capital Financial Group is a multinational and globally integrated conglomerate specialized in Hospitality, Real Estate, Travel, Entertainment and Financial Ventures, Products, Services and Projects. Founded in 1970, the Group is behind over 200 Hotel and Destinations developments and the financing and production of over 500 motion pictures and other related products and projects.

The Group also owns a strategic interest in Tayrona Financial Pte Ltd, which is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for financial services. Tayrona Financial, founded in 1999, was one of the first independent equity research companies licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and it has twenty years of track records.

With headquarters in Singapore and offices in 19 countries, Tayrona is partnered with the largest and most solid financial groups of Asia, It is a manager and partner of Sovereign Funds of 22 countries, has a track record of almost $100 Billion USD in Investments in Hospitality and Entertainment projects and has joint ventures with the most consolidated developers in the world. Recently, Tayrona became partner of Pacific Star, one of Asia's most successful real estate investment houses with an established track record of high-profile transactions and specialized knowledge of Asian prime Real Estate.

Film Productions

2020 marks our 50th anniversary of Tayrona in the hospitality business. The group started with a collection of boutique hotels located mainly in South America, and during the production of major films, the opportunity arose to host major Hollywood celebrities and international guests in the hotels collection. In this way, Tayrona became a film producer and investor plus a hotel company dedicated to serving VIP guests and celebrities, with 100% occupancy of all the hotels in the group.
An investment formula in which, instead of paying millions of dollars in hotel accommodation, logistics, food and beverage, transportation and all the hospitality services needed to serve a whole cast of people, the producers would give our Group a share in the future revenues and royalties from each film.

CEO Tayrona Capital Financial Group

Our CEO, James Ordonez was honoured with a knighthood in Spain in 2016. He believes in the importance of building luxury developments to strengthen a country’s growth, with value partnerships that contribute to the economy, together with the creation of more jobs and sustainable socio-economic projects.

Living in the Present

"Everyone thinks about the future when the word "investment" is mentioned, and this is a mentality that I would like to change. We spend a lot of time planning the future and retirement until we really forget about the present. Therefore, most of the investment products we have created are designed to allow you to enjoy the present more than the future.

The biggest risk I have taken outside of work was to swim with sharks on the island of Gorgona, Colombia. There were about 500 sharks around me. I am an extreme sports enthusiast and I would be the happiest person on Earth if I could drive a sports car at 400 km/h on a racetrack.

A critical learning point for me during my time with Tayrona Capital was when we, as a company, did not prioritize the recognition of the film's in which we had invested. In fact, we were too humble and more focused on delivering the product (in this case, the movie) without really putting our name out there. Now, we are working on this through more marketing efforts, public relations and, of course, media channels.

Apart from my own staff at the Singapore office, the people with whom I spend the most time with are actually pilots and flight attendants. I'm not exaggerating when I say I travel too much for work. Star Alliance recently awarded me the "one of the best 1000 travelers in the world" award.

We want to grow as partners in the coming years. What this means is that we want to become the main financial and hotel partner for more countries where tourism has not reached its peak. This translates into strategic alliances and agreement with different companies that share our vision.”

By James Ordonez